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“We choose our lives
for the lessons we will learn”

~ Meher

Farah's Mission

When we encounter lessons in our lives, surely there should also be some common methods for dealing with the challenges as they arise. Yet we all struggle with our hardships, which teach us ways to develop our emotional strength through different modalities and experiences and discover our unique blend of tools to navigate the journey. And in the end, after learning from all the challenges we overcome, we eventually find a way to be content in the ordinary details of everyday living. I hope to inspire you to be courageous through a combination of nature, nurture, and skills acquired along the way.

Farah Press


Farah, who is of Parsi origin, was born in London and raised in North India.  She is a British national with an Indian heart, and embraces the different facets of her identity with ease. After the untimely loss of her mother, struggling to reconcile the mysteries of life and death, Farah embarked on a journey inward to find a conduit to channel her loss and pain. Farah has built a career in the banking industry across continents, over the span of thirty-plus years and is now based in Dubai. In her spare time, Farah is an avid baker and Yogi.

Farah Press
Meher & Me.png

Meher & Me

A Mother-Daughter Relationship Memoir
About The Life We Choose For The Lessons We Will Learn

A Tale of an Unconventional Life and Courage Developed Through a Combination of Nature, Nurture, and Skills Acquired Along the Way.

My mother, Meher, believed that we choose our lives for the lessons we will learn. These lessons flow into each of our lives for us to find a way to develop our innate emotional strength. Meher & Me describes some of the situational lessons I am supposed to have ‘chosen’, to learn from.

In this bestselling Mother-Daughter Relationship Memoir, I share my struggles to reconcile the mysteries of life and death, and reeling from the magnitude of what transpired, I embarked on a journey inward to find the strength to overcome the harrowing tragedy, harnessing my inner strength to find meaning in my life, which ultimately brought me to a place of equanimity I sought.

Farah Press

“Humata, Hukata, Huvarashta”

(Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds)
~ Ancient Parsi maxim
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