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Meher & Me

A Mother-Daughter Relationship Memoir About The Life We Choose
For The Lessons We Will Learn

Why Read The Bestselling Book?

There is so much written on the need to be mindful and present in the moment. But to be truly able to do that, I first had to develop faith that tomorrow would turn out fine, which allowed me to relinquish control over today. It has been about developing my trust in the Universe, that it had my interests at heart, which allowed me to be present in the here and now. It was acknowledging that I was exactly where I was meant to be in the moment. It is difficult for us to relinquish control of our lives to a force greater than our own, but I have found that life tends to happen while I am busy making plans.

I hope that by reading Meher & Me, you can get inspired by what happened in my life journey and learn how to trust the Universe, and be present in the here and now.

The Bestselling Book

A Tale of an Unconventional Life and Courage Developed Through a Combination of Nature, Nurture, and Skills Acquired Along the Way.


My mother, Meher, believed that we choose our lives for the lessons we will learn. These lessons flow into each of our lives for us to find a way to develop our innate emotional strength. There are no common methods or modalities for dealing with life’s challenges as they arise, and so we all struggle until we discover our own unique blend of tools to navigate the journey.

Meher & Me

Meher & Me describes some of the situational lessons I am supposed to have ‘chosen’, to learn from. One such lesson started with a phone call in the middle of the night that shook my world. “Your mother has been shot. We are taking her to hospital. You have to come home. Come quickly.”

In this Mother-Daughter Relationship Memoir, I share my struggles to reconcile the mysteries of life and death, and as I looked back, it was difficult to accept that I would have wished to be displaced as a child, or could have ‘chosen’ to have my father abandon me and my stepfather reject me. Would I really have picked a life where my mother was shot?  

Meher & Me

Reeling from the magnitude of what transpired, I embarked on a journey inward to find the strength to overcome the harrowing tragedy, harnessing my inner strength to find meaning in my life, which ultimately brought me to that place of equanimity I sought.  


I hope that by sharing my memories of this life and the lessons it has dealt me, I will leave you with something you can take from my journey and use in your own life. 


For my mother Meher, who continues to watch over me.

Meher & Me

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