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Farah, who is of Parsi origin, was born in London, but raised in North India, where she was educated at a Catholic convent in a historic Muslim city, surrounded by Hindu mythology. She is a British national with  an Indian heart. She has embraced the different facets of her identity, and considers herself a citizen of the world, with the ability to straddle different cultures and geographies with ease.

She works in the banking industry, where she started as a trainee aged eighteen in London, having built her career over the span of thirty-plus years across continents. 


In her personal life, following the untimely loss of her mother, Farah, struggling to reconcile the mysteries of life and death, embarked on an inward quest to find the strength to overcome the traumatic family tragedy and other significant life challenges. Through self-healing practices ranging from baking to yoga, Farah was able to find a positive conduit to channel her loss and pain, finally arriving at a place of equanimity.  


Farah is based in Dubai where she has lived for the last two decades. She has two adult children, who are embarking on their life journeys. In her spare time, Farah is an avid baker and dreams of owning a cafe one day. Her other passion is Yoga, and she can often be found on the mat, at a class across Dubai.

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Why Book Farah

With the struggle(s) facing many of us in our day-to-day lives, we search for a particular solution to help improve our well-being. In Meher and Me, Farah ideally informs someone facing their struggles how to take the steps necessary for a better tomorrow. Learn more now about how to feature Meher and Me, interview Farah, or invite Farah to speak at your event.

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Farah is an inspiring speaker, baker, yogi, and bestselling author. As there are various topics with rich content that Farah shares, she merges energy and enthusiasm to empower and embolden any audience.

​While Farah routinely delivers tailored content, her most popular topics include: 

  • Through self-healing practices, one can find a positive conduit to face trauma and significant life challenges and reconcile life and death's mysteries.    

  • While it is not the whole answer to any challenge, Farah's life experiences helped her cultivate resources like mindfulness, concentration, strength, endurance, and perseverance, both physical and mental.

  • The human spirit is resilient and can endure much hardship and tragedy. It is all in mind; if we can master our minds, our bodies come along for the ride.

If you are interested in learning more about how Farah would be an ideal fit and inspiration for your audience, please reach out to us today.

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I am honored to be one of the selected authors invited to join this carefully-curated speaker line-up of storytelling talent, featuring prize-winning authors and poets, acclaimed artists and musicians, renowned filmmakers and more. Presenting my book, "Meher & Me," to a diverse audience is an opportunity I dreamed of and am excited to share. 


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“Out beyond all ideas of right doing and wrongdoing,
there is a field; I'll meet you there.”

~ Rumi

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