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Exploring Holistic Health and Happiness

A well deserved treat after a particularly strong Sunday morning yoga practice!

Hello Everyone, 

Hope this new year has started off on a positive note for you. 

For many, January is a month to reset, pause and set intentions for changes. There is so much written on making New Year’s resolutions, many of which center on wellness, through changes to eating, drinking or exercise practices. The yoga classes I attend and the gym are fuller than usual. Colleagues at work who have young children and busy evenings, said they would start walking up and down the stairs in our office building to get in some form of exercise. Last evening while out with friends at a concert, during a break, I overheard a gentleman turn down a fried snack saying ‘he had just signed up for the gym’. His friends told him to ‘eat now and worry about the gym later’. He caught my eye, we exchanged a smile as he continued to resist the temptation. I silently applauded his resolve, and anyone willing to make the changes required in pursuit of their aspirations. 

For me personally, I have found wellbeing to be an accumulation of small daily habits that contribute to an overall sense of feeling well, both in my mind and body. I am a firm believer in 'all things in moderation'. It is lifestyle choices - be it the choice of exercise and physical movement for me through yoga, the gym, walking or dance classes, the choice of the news and content I consume, the books I read, the products I use on my skin and most importantly the choices I make in the food I eat. As I have grown older and learned to listen to my body, I now know the foods that suit me and will help me maintain my strength and vitality. 

I once read the 'our bodies are the only home our souls have to live in', which really resonated with me. For me, it is an active choice each and every day, on how I nurture and look after my mental and physical health, which contributes to my overall sense of wellbeing. 

Commitment and consistency are at the heart of it.   

If you have resolved to make changes this year to support your wellness goals, know that I am cheering you on from the sidelines and would love to hear about your journey. 

Stay well and stay strong. 



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